Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

Chrome extensions for Bloggers

Today, Google Chrome is the most used and widely popular web browser beating popular browsing applications like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

What does Google Chrome the most popular and favored web browser by users is because of the fast load times, quick script loading, Google account integration and syncing with Android devices.

The most popular feature among these would be the Google account integration. Being a Google product, you can log in to Google Chrome using your Google account and then sync your other Google accounts, instead of logging in each time you open the site.

And the next most popular feature is the Android integration. What’s special about this is that you can open the same tabs that you was using from the web on your Android device. Also you can access the same bookmarks, history, remembered passwords etc. No matter whether you’re on a PC or Android.

Another feature is the availability of Google Chrome extensions. Google Chrome extensions can be considered as apps built for Google Chrome browser that modify your browser and user experience. Extensions for Google Chrome can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store. If you’re new to Google Chrome extensions, we are here to help you. Today we will be listing top 5 popular Google Chrome extensions for bloggers !

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1. Ad Block :

Ad Block is a very popular Chrome Extensions and has been downloaded over 15 million times over the Chrome Web Store. What Ad Block does is that it blocks/ avoids ads from loading. So if you’re visiting a website which has ads in it, Ad block will disable those ads, and you won’t see any ads, ad block removes all kinds ads from a website.

What’s special with this extension is that some extensions do not support big sites like Facebook and YouTube. Whereas, Ad Block supports all websites including Facebook, YouTube and Hulu.

Add Ad Block to Google Chrome

2. SEO For Chrome :

SEO for Chrome is the best SEO extension available for Chrome. It can be called a complete SEO viewer because you can view indexed pages, Alexa and Google Pagerank, Traffic and Rank reporting etc. For any given web page using this SEO extension for Chrome.

This might help you in evaluating the performance of your site, and even help in comparing your site/blog with that of your competitors.

Add Seo for Chrome to Google Chrome

3. Gmail Offline :

Suppose you have a very important mail in your Inbox and you need to view and respond to it immediately, and for your bad luck the internet connection goes off !

At such a moment, Gmail Offline comes to the rescue. Gmail Offline is a specially built Chrome extension that allows you to view the messages in your Inbox, respond to it and even search your mail folder when you’re not connected to the internet.

Add Gmail Offline to Google Chrome

4. URL Shortener Chrome Extension :

You might feel it’s often difficult so send big links of web pages, docs etc. If you feel such a difficulty, UL Shortener extension for Chrome will help you. It is the official Google’s URL Shortener and you can use it for free, It is the most convenient and easiest method to shorten large URL’s and send it to anyone.

Add Google URL Shortener to Chrome

5. Zementa :

Zementa is a custom extension for Chrome that gives suggestions related to images and links while you write a blog post. So it helps you find related images and reference links to make your blog post more attractive.

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Zementa supports all blogging platforms, and also helps you link your previous posts to your article and add affiliate links etc. on to your blog post.

Add Zementa to Chrome

I haven’t listed all the Chrome extension but if you think some important one is missing in the list you can mention them in Comments!

5 Comments to Top 5 Google Chrome Extensions For Bloggers

  1. I don’t use Chrome, but those extensions might make me decide otherwise. Good suggestions!

  2. Ismail Aksoy

    thanks for the giveaway

  3. Anh V

    IDM is the best download manager

  4. Benny

    A friend of mine has a “DIY” blog and I’m sure that the ‘Zementa’ extension would be handy for him. I know for a fact that he’s not using google chrome. I think he might have a browser called Torch, do you know if it will work on that?

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