Latest Technology used in cricket matches!

IPL season is on. Every one is busy in cheering their team. While your favorite player play their shot, the technology plays its own shot and give you more precise and accurate watching experience. The biggest emerge in cricket technology was you can watch it from your home on your television set. Since then many latest technology has been added to made cricket more interesting. I think technology has its own part in popularity of cricket. So I thought to introduce you some latest technology that is being used in cricket matches.

Hot Spot:-
hotspot technology in cricket
Hot Spot is used to determine whether the ball hits the bat or pad of batsman in case of caught out and Leg Before Wicket (LBW). Two infrared camera is placed on the end of ground. These cameras determines the heat fraction when ball struck with bat, pad or with gloves. These collisions are shown as white dots in images. This technology helps to determine whether batsman should be dismissed or not in very critical situation.

hawk-eye technology used in cricket
Hawk Eye is used to generate path of moving ball. It helps to take accurate decision in case of Leg Before Wicket (LBW). Six or more cameras is situated on different ends of cricket ground. These are the high speed cameras which record the motion of ball. These cameras are connected through a computer system which combines all inputs and generate the path of ball.

Stump Cameras:-
Micro cameras are placed on both ends of stump to generate clear video. These cameras are used to give viewers different angle and helps to identify run out.

snickometer technology used in circket
Snickometer detects collisions of ball to edge of bat. The sound frequency is recorded by microphones which are placed near stumps. This technology identify different sound frequencies of the ball hitting the wooden surface of bat.

Speed Gun:-
speedgun technology used in cricket Speed gun measures the speed of bowlers ball. It is a small Doppler radar which is used to measure the speed of moving ball. The speed of last ball is displayed on your TV Screen.


Slow Motion:-
High resolution cameras recording the each movement is used to generate slow motion videos. It is used in almost every decision but mostly it helps to identify run out.

These are the main and important technology which smooths the decision of third umpire. Enhance the viewers experiences, mainly TV viewers.

Let me know if I miss any important and latest technology used in cricket.


4 Comments to Latest Technology used in cricket matches!

  1. excellent,
    from many years i had been wondering on what kind of technology they use and how advanced they are in getting these things. you have pinned down those technologies.
    thanks for sharing it.
    informative post.

    • Vipin Pandey

      Thanks for your Comment Mohammed, Keep Visiting :-)

  2. HI Vipin,
    Now days everyone is watching ipl6 and u have had written article at perfect time. Everyone watch TV but they don’t think which technologies are used in that stuff.
    You gave such nice info about cameras and gadgets.But from all of above “Slow motion camera” is the best.

    • Vipin Pandey

      Thanks for the appreciation Swapnil. Yes slow motion camera is used almost every time and it plays very vital role in third umpire decision.

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