How to use Android Phone CAM as Wireless Security CAM

android webcam

Security is essential today, and security systems are very costly but if you need a temporary or permanent solution for your Security CAM, then you can use your Android phone for security surveillance.

There is an Android application which makes this task much easier , all you need to install the application on your android, no need to install any application on your OS, so you can use your Android phone as security cam anywhere in the world, with the help of a PC or Laptop.

IP webcam allows you to stream audio and video through your WiFi, you can stream high quality video or you can adjust the quality if you have a slow connection.

You can also take screenshots or you can stream audio or video separately it depends on your requirement.

By this application you can easily build your own WiFi Security Cam with zero investment or you can invest to purchase a separate android phone, this cam can work as  IP webcam, wireless camera, spy cam, video streaming, broadcasting, IP camera, wifi camera, audio streaming, nanny cam, security camera, IP cam, pet monitor.

How to use Android CAM as WebCam

First Download IP WebCam APK from Google Play and install it on your Android Device, you need to have android phone or any Android device, which support Google Play if your device doesn’t have Google play then you can download an Android Application On PC then you can transfer it to your Android.

IP webcam screen start server

After installing the application open the app on your android, and you will see a screen like above, you can manage the screen resolutions and other settings for your Cam, at the end of the screen you will see a Start Server option Tap it to start the application.

Now Open your Desktop or Laptop browser and Type or it depends on your current system IP.

android webcam server

Now you will see the above screen in your browser, you can watch the live stream on your VLC media Player or in your browsers, you can also use your android cam for Skype and other internet applications, you can follow the easy instruction on the screen to apply.

android webcam screenshot

When you select one option from the  browser then you will see that your cam is working and you can use it in your WiFi range.

I have tried 7 similar applications but I found this one is perfect, some application wants login , some want a special application to install on your PC or laptop, but this one is perfect!

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