How to Run Files with Unknown Extensions

There are a huge number of File Types available but normal people know only a few file types which they use in their daily life or with work, like MP3, AVI, DOC, JPEG, PNG.

You all know these file extensions but sometimes you get some different files which are totally unknown to you , to run those files you need a program which support that file, for example you never heard about PSD file .psd is used in a Photoshop so if you have a file with .psd extension then you can run that file with Photoshop, but We can’t mention all file names with their working software so we are going to share some tips by which you can recognize file types, and then you will be able to run that file.

Note : Some Program files runs only with the help of some other files, like game save files, software update files you can’t run those files directly. 

Search Information About Unknown File Type

Search on Google

.tar   Google Search

The easiest way to get info about any file type is searching that extension on Google, like I am searching .tar, and you can see Google is giving complete information about that extension and also it has a Wikipedia page from which you can get maximum information.

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Search on Wolfarm

.tar   Wolfram Alpha

Some file types are very rare and used in few software in that case you will not get any perfect information from Google for that you can use this website Wolfarm.


TAR File Extension   Open .TAR files

File Info is a perfect website for searching extensions, you can search thousands of extensions and their software names by which you can run those files.

This website gives you complete information about the file type and its working software and platform.

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  1. Nice post Admin bro. This is very useful information. This post will be useful when I will need to use an unknown extension file in future.

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