Download Torrent Files Via IDM or Directly to PC

Torrents are a form of Peer 2 Peer Communication, Torrents are becoming very popular these days for downloading and sharing stuff online.

There are many client applications which helps you to download torrent data, like Bit torrent and torrent, but one of my friend asked me how to download Torrent files from IDM, After a little research I found few sites by which you can convert a .Torrent file for a direct downloadable link which you can use to download file from IDM or any other downloading program.

Sometimes you are away from home, or you are in office and some other place where you are not allowed to download any torrent downloading client in that case you can use these websites to download your files directly.

These sites simply cache data from a Torrent networks and convert it on their servers and provides you a download link.

 zbigz Online Torrent Downloader

zbigz torrent client

BitLet Online Torrent Downloader

I hope these sites will help you to download torrent directly to your PC without using any downloading Tool or Torrent downloader.

3 Comments to Download Torrent Files Via IDM or Directly to PC

  1. interesting and useful info! That’s awesome, these sites provides download link by caching the data from the torrent networks. Didn’t know about these sites, seems to be useful. I will surely try out these sites. Thanks Admin for sharing this info and tweeted :)

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