Creative Pictures of Old Computer Parts

When our some of our computer part stop working we often throw them or sell that parts so that they can be recycled. But some innovative people start reuse of old computer parts. I have collected some creative pictures of old computer parts. 


Creativity is not mean that we always create new and unique things. Creativity is about we find something creative in every scenario. These pictures tells same thing. We often buy expensive things to decorate our home but we never think that we can create more interesting and cool decorative items by just using old items. Look at these pictures -
Creative Pictures of Old Computer Parts :-
Mother Board Shoes
A shoes which is made of motherboard parts and wires.
Geeky Clock
A Clock which is made of RAM, floppy and some micro parts of computer. If you put it on your desk it will give pure geeky look.
Cool bike
Do you want a ride? Can you believe your hard disk can transform into cool bike. If a bike can be created with hard disk then I don’t wonder that a car can transform into alien robots in the Transformer Movie.
New grilling Machine
Have you ever use your PC’s cabinet like this? Most creative use of old computer cabinet. So next time when your computer’s cabinet doesn’t work make it grilling machine.
Toothbrush Holder
This toothbrush holder is made of computer mouse. Have you ever think that you can use your faulty mouse like this. Think of it.


 These are the some creative pictures of old computer parts. Have you use something like this at your home? Tell me in the comments?

1 Comment to Creative Pictures of Old Computer Parts

  1. In as much as you claim they are old, to me, they are new. This is my first time seeing this.

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